The Little Seedbook of Chillies

The latest and third Seed Book in the series, all about Chillies. This will allow the gardener to grow a range of six different chilli plants. These chilli plants vary from small to large and from hot to mild.


The chiilies that have been selected for this book have been carefully chosen. They will give different flavours and will bring a variety of heat to a range of dishes. It has been really interesting trying to develop the recipes for this book.

Big Jim

The chilli plants that are included in the book are: Anaheim, Big Jim, Caloro, Golden Cayenne, Hungarian Hot Wax and Jalapeno. This was the most interesting book to write as the range of chillies is absolutely staggering.

Hungarian Hot Wax

I think that this will be a superb gift for either a gardener or a chef. Instead of buying a seed packet with lots of one type of chilli, but this book will give you the seed for 6 different varieties.

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